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About Lotus & Layne


Summer Brown (Founder, Owner)
LaMandez Brown (Design Director, Craftsman)

Lotus & Layne's Story

Lotus & Layne is a husband and wife team. In 2018 we chose to begin our journey on the Navajo Nation with the dream of one day being able to give back to our community by creating employment opportunities. The name Lotus & Layne was created by combining our two beautiful children's middle names.
Lotus & Layne was sparked in December 2016, by a wife's need to find her husband the perfect gift. She noticed everyone in the family had a stocking except her husband, so the idea of creating a stocking from his favorite material was born. That Christmas Day, he received more than just a material gift, it was the idea that sparked his creativity to learn a new craft. In May 2017 is when they began perfecting their skills with the tool kit from Tandy Leather Co. Months went by and friends and family were making their requests and that is when they envision that this could be more than just a hobby.

Lotus & Layne's Vision

Lotus & Layne is a Dinè (Navajo)/ Black owned luxury leather goods brand based in Cornfields, AZ which is located on The Navajo Nation, USA. Our ultimate goal is to empower and inspire everyone from all diverse backgrounds that their dreams can become reality. We do this by showcasing positive and inspiring imagery and words of empowerment mostly geared toward our youth. Our other goal is to slow the purchasing of products made in other countries. We chose to do this by dedicating our brand to hand crafting elegant and timeless treasures with the same world-class reliability of other luxury brands, but made in the USA. Each item is fashioned by hand using high quality leather, and is intended to be passed down generations to develop into cherished family heirlooms.